If you want proof,
we kept the receipts.

Brands with an impeccable look and feel? We have that down pat, front to back. But it’s not enough to just look and sound good. The real shift is in the metrics that push your business forward – and we’ve got those, too.

Birch Events

What happened
We rebranded and relaunched event planning company Birch to grow their services from local offerings to luxury international events.

We embarked on an extensive brand strategy process, partnering with Birch’s founder to make tough, brave decisions that ultimately resulted in newfound confidence and growth, setting their business apart from competitors. With a refreshed position, a timeless visual aesthetic, and an exceptional verbal identity, Birch harnessed the power of its new brand to launch itself into the future and execute larger events for major global clientele.

Big result
The brand has seen huge increases in revenue, overall growth, internal team hires, financial performance, brand trust and global expansion as a result of our work together.

Shar will make you work in the process, I can’t lie and say that these types of results come easily; she won’t allow you to settle for less. She will push you to become your best, your most competitive version of business. Our growth has been so big we haven’t been able to keep up.

Josh Spiegel, Founder and Creative Director of Birch Events

Soapy Faith

What happened
We completely refreshed and upscaled the Soapy Faith brand, a Black-women-family-owned organic vegan body care brand.

During our time together, we helped Soapy Faith challenge and change customer perception around bar soap, helping them establish a new brand position and identity that would break them into mass retail.

Big result
Our expertise in product ideation and strategy helped the brand scale up big-time after the relaunch. The brand is now on the way to mass-market retail and growing in revenue consistently as a fan-fave.

Soapy Faith now has a million-dollar brand!

Andressen Horowitz (a16z), Venture Capital Firm
What happened
We created a visual identity to match Isimemen’s vibrant and specialized approach to consulting, setting them apart in the saturated eLearning space.

We began by establishing Isimemen’s positioning as a consulting firm that empowers women of color to achieve their life’s purpose. Then, we embarked on a visual identity that reflected this mission with bright, bold photography and elegant, feminine type to inspire their audience more and more with every click.

Big result
Trust in Isimemen’s brand has blossomed. They have increased their number of leads, reached their monthly six-figure sales goals, grown their yearly revenue, and can now confidently pursue 6-figured deals with major corporations. Thanks to this successful rebranding effort, they have managed to break through all of their previous financial limitations.

Clients have said to me directly that they love our imagery, website, and overall brand. I’ve had people who I barely know share my website with others because it is the best website they’ve ever seen.

Isimemen Aladejobi, Founder of Isimemen

Davis Row

What happened
We shifted the public perception of the Davis Row brand from being a “traditional” wedding planner to a large-scale bespoke events company fit for major corporate clients.

Over the course of working with Davis Row, we helped their expert team break out of the “wedding box” and transition from being a solo entrepreneurial brand to an events firm of larger scale and budgets. We helped them focus their process rebrand by centering their highly systematic process as a differentiator, positioning them in their methods, design aesthetic, talent, and expertise.

Big result
With the new brand position and identity, Davis Row received more press than ever before and elevated their clientele to match their proprietary business model.

There is absolutely no one else who could’ve delivered for us in the way that they did. I can’t say enough things about how transformative their strategy, creativity, and design expertise have been for us. Highly, highly recommended.


Allison Davis, Founder of Davis Row