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Wedding planning shouldn’t be filled with anxiety, yet 6 in 10 couples said it was so stressful they considered eloping. Founder Allison Davis realized there was an opportunity to rethink the industry’s approach by rooting it in process, and Davis Row was born. Saleah focused the brand on its core promise: crafting a seamless and easy experience so you can simply enjoy your wedding.

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Davis Row knew its audience: professional couples with little free time who wanted a classic wedding without the outdated approach. But in a saturated market, convincing them to trust Davis Row would require a brand renovation to build client trust through an irresistible design.

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No more worrying about chasing down hors d’oeuvres, trying to keep the schedule running on time, or long lines at the bar. Finally, couples and their guests can focus on one thing only: enjoying the wedding.


From the beginning, our vision was to create an experience that would make couples feel like VIP guests from the moment they saw the website. Davis Row is a match made in heaven for couples who want an easy journey down the aisle, but the design aesthetic had to convince them to say “I do.” We focused heavily on the logo, typography, graphic elements, and the website to make the brand sing.

The Davis Row method is unique and never before seen in old-fashioned event planning. The “Row” in their name is a double entendre that references the organizational structure of attendees at your wedding and the string of help you’ll have from their team.

We decided to visualize this by creating a logo inspired by buildings to help convey the benefit of having structure throughout your big day. We leaned into a palatial logo that represented both the highly decorated wedding aesthetic and the strong foundation and security you receive by choosing Davis Row. For the colors, we paired a dreamy salmon with a fresh green, and for the typography, we used calligraphy-inspired typeface Ogg alongside Sienna.


To make wedding planning enjoyable for our clients by taking a modern approach, so they can have a wedding that truly reflects who they are.


We commissioned Bonnie Brown for illustrations that captured what couples enjoy most in the wedding process: champagne, sending invitations to their favorite people, cake tasting, and creating memorable experiences with their loved ones. We animated the illustrations for the website to bring comfort, trust, and unexpected joy to visitors.

Results: Client Success Story

Shar and her team are pure excellence. We worked together for several months on everything from brand strategy straight through to website design. There is absolutely no one else who could’ve delivered for us in the way that they did. My expectations were sky-high, and I was completely blown away by everything they delivered. I can’t say enough things about how transformative their strategy, creativity, and design expertise have been for us. Highly, highly recommended.

Allison Davis, Founder & Creative Director, Davis Row

Thank you to our incredible team for the time and care you gave to this project. Together, we make things shake for our clients, so we’re giving you your flowers! We appreciate your fantastic work and are grateful for your commitment, self-motivation, and talent that truly inspired us all.

Creative Direction:
Shar Biggers

Brand Strategy:
Shar Biggers

Messaging & Copywriting:
Sandy Sanchez
Ian Miller

Daniel Barba López
Mindy Nguyen
Shar Biggers

Bonnie Brown

Web Developer:
Nayade Bermudes Brito

Davis Row

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