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Despite holding more advanced education credentials than ever before, women are feeling exhausted, undervalued, underpaid, and out of alignment with their true purpose. Isimemen came to Saleah with a proven solution that helps women combat burnout and reach their highest level of selfhood, but needed a brand identity that would ensure her career development consultancy could stand out from the crowd.

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Millions of people are exploring new ways to diversify their earnings by imparting knowledge as digital creators. With traditional businesses, market segmentation helps consumers make purchasing decisions based on price, quality, and creativity, but in the EdTech space, oversaturation creates a new challenge of differentiating in a sea of sameness. Isimemen needed to separate herself from other eLearning programs and help prospective clients visualize her unique strengths.

Step Into
Your Life’s Work

It’s our birthright and goes much deeper than identifying with a job title. It’s about understanding, materializing, and actualizing our life’s true calling.


We began by establishing the brand strategy and positioning that informed our visual identity. Isimemen Consulting primarily focuses on empowering women of color and sits within a higher price point, so instead of designing for mass appeal, we developed an elite and feminine aesthetic inspired by Isimemen’s effervescent personality. Isimemen is passionate yet professional; she’s your bubbly and encouraging big sister, your friend, your coach, and the person who pushes you to be your greatest.

We wanted the color palette to be a reflection of her, so we leveraged vibrant tones to make the brand feel exciting and inspirational while maintaining elegance and professionalism. The light, bright blue paired beautifully with a striking red and neutral cream, while white and black accents added functionality. We used impassioned and provoking messaging as a rallying cry to hardworking women looking for change and transformation.


To become the personified reset button for millions and the number one selfhood and career coach for women of color.


We chose a display typeface that blended naturally with our photography and lent itself to many creative executions while remaining legible, feminine, and elegant with sleek and edgy details. We felt the name “Isimemen” was so distinct, powerful, and luxurious that we allowed it to speak for itself by setting it in all-caps. Out of the logotype, we pulled the nickname “Isi” and used it as a flexible graphic pattern execution in the photo campaign.

For the photography, we ventured into nature to tell the brand’s inspiring visual story using sand, natural sunlight, desert landscapes, and light blue skies.

The photography needed to feel powerful and scroll-stopping yet modern and beautiful, so we leveraged a documentary style of varying crops that we shot both in-studio and outside. The mountainous scenery perfectly represented the journey to self-hood, embodying the process of finding purpose and overcoming the traumas and trials that life brings.

Results: Client Success Story

As an entrepreneur and business owner, I did not truly understand the depth and impact excellent branding would have on my company in the present and beyond. Saleah not only executed at a level 20 out of 10, but they educated me and reset my vision around what was possible for my brand. Shar specifically showed me what having a timeless brand could do for my company.

Trust in our brand has gone through the roof. Our main optin funnel is close to 30%, which is much higher than it was before the rebrand. The month we launched the brand we had a 6-figure sales month! That is how impactful and potent our brand transformation has been. I’m able to go after 5- and 6-figure deals with corporations because I now have a brand that visually commands that and showcases how serious we are as a career development consultancy.

Isimemen Aladejobi, Founder, Isimemen Consulting

Thank you to our incredible team for the time and care you gave to this project. Together, we make things shake for our clients, so we’re giving you your flowers! We appreciate your fantastic work and are grateful for your commitment, self-motivation, and talent that truly inspired us all.

Creative Direction:
Shar Biggers

Brand Strategy:
Shar Biggers

Verbal Identity:
Nicole LeLacheur
Shar Biggers

Jens Nilsson
Shar Biggers
Rebecca Russell

Rebecca Balogh

Delesia Watson
Sandy Sanchez

Emilynn Rose

Zammer Pascual

Jill Taymany

Shar Biggers

Set Designer:
Sarah Asaly

Makeup Artist:
Dion Xu
Sarah Asaly

Fashion Stylists:
Phillip Keophaphone
Shar Biggers

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