Birch Events

Let’s play.

Birch commissioned Saleah to solidify their presence in the tourism & hospitality industry by building a brand that would stop time, just like their events. From stellar floral design to magical celebrity weddings, they bring the Birch values of playfulness, seamless collaboration, and well-crafted design to their clients, trendsetting worldwide. Together, we created a bold, luxurious, and refined brand with a hint of “Let’s Play,” giving them the confidence to scale and lean into their new brand promise: Birch. All In.

Tourism & Hospitality


Birch was at a crossroads. They needed to undergo a metamorphosis and completely reimagine their brand to start executing the larger-scale global events they knew they were capable of. Their founder, Josh Spiegel, was ready to take that leap, but didn’t have branding to reflect their true potential and instill confidence in themselves and their prospective clients. Their brand had to transcend time with elegance and ease to support their growth trajectory.

We Design Experiences
That Stop Time

The rule at Birch is whatever you need, whatever you imagine, whatever you desire, we are all in.


We collaborated with the Birch team to establish their position as grandmasters in their field with a proven portfolio and a reputation that exceeds expectations every step of the way. This gave them the courage to lean into their new identity and confidently know that whatever their clients need, can imagine, or desire, they were are all in.

We then created the visual identity to match their brand new evolution, a logo that personified the boldness of their craft, and a type system that finely mixed masculine and feminine. Leaning into their greatest joy, fresh and handpicked florals, we constructed a vibrant flower kit as miniature versions of their botanical gardens that commands a fine view at every experience (event).

Design & photoshoot

We used paired typefaces Orelo and Fakt Pro, and we surfaced the color black as it’s primary color, allowing the photography and the floral colors to add rich hues. We built a conceptual monogram by using foliole silhouettes to create a leafy “B” letter interpretation. Using linear, ovate and sagittate leaflets in flat and abstract shapes, we formed a sleek pattern into the Birch symbol.

We made Birch’s handpicked florals the star of our photoshoot, giving them a natural and playful treatment to evoke the vibrancy and fun that people can expect from a Birch event. We shot them with a sense of mobility, allowing them to interact with the typography and naturally weave into the letterforms.


We create the unexpected. The epic. The authentic. The “Wow, what an amazing time!”

Results: Client Success Story

The first thing we noticed is that we had an increase in business because we all felt a new confidence in what we were selling. Shar did a good job of ensuring we understood our identity. You dug so deeply into us, asking us so many questions, but because of that process, we now know ourselves so well. As a result of this rebrand, people really respect us for being a high-end and a luxury brand now. We dont have to convince people to work with us. It now tells a story of being bold and sophisticated, yet refined. Because of this process, we’ve seen the results in the tremendous growth we’ve had from the moment we relaunched our brand.

Josh Spiegel, Creative Director, Birch Design

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