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Founded in 1904, a Viennese diamond designer, Adolph Link, apprenticed for Van Cleef & Arpels, Harry Winston, and Tiffany before he formed his brand. Link’s work was prescient, crafting the diamond tennis bracelet, the opera necklace, and the eternity wedding band before they had names, and now a pioneer in jewelry was returning for a rebirth.

Luxury Fine Jewelry


ALINK was ready to reclaim its fame of being renowned for its coveted brilliance with its “see more diamonds and less metal” motto. But they no longer had the brand DNA they had in the early 20th century and were transitioning from B2B to B2C. Hence, they needed to establish a new core identity with a visual makeover to help align their revolutionary history with modern-day name recognition.

The beauty is in
the brilliance

Iconic designs, unparalleled luxury, 
and over 100 years of handcrafting the finest diamonds in the world. 
We capture the brilliance like no other.


ALINK wanted to reconnect with their brand roots of capturing the brilliance of the diamond like no other. Trends come and go but diamonds last forever, so ALINK’s signature style of minimizing metal around their stones to make them the sole focus became the heart of our rebrand. We also wanted to honor their legacy of being reputable connoisseurs that continue to champion craftsmanship, expertise, and adherence to the highest of standards of jewelry making.

Logo and typography

We reimagined the logo and typography to reflect their classic heritage while harmoniously introducing a contemporary feel to exude timeless elegance. We chose F37 Caslon as the primary typeface. We paired it with Dia to create a look reminiscent of fashion editorial design, positioning the brand at the intersection of fashion and jewelry. We chose not to over-exalt the identity, believing that ALINK’s “less design, more diamonds” motto should be reflected in the branding.

We did, however, want to build a unique yet dignified logomark that provided versatility as a pattern or emblem and could become synonymous with the art of diamond crafting, helping to earn name recognition. We stylized Adolph Link’s initials for the monogram by intertwining a serif “A” with a cursive “L.”


To capture the brilliance of the diamond like no other.

color scheme & packaging

Colors become synonymous with jewelry brands, so ALINK needed an ownable signature scheme that wouldn’t limit them in future campaigns. They didn’t want a single color like other luxury jewelry brands but a primary palette with an extensive secondary palette to remain dynamic, a palette that could support anything from a splashy popup store to a refined and classic look. We gave them the elegantly contrasting primary shades of forest green and a range of secondary contrasting colors in rich hues to complement the green.

ALINK desired packaging with a clean design that felt as luxurious as their jewelry. We used their lush primary green but allowed for a dynamic range of color schemes and patterns, such as deep pink shopping bags or borders with bright orange. We also created unique checkered patterns as a chic detail.

Thank you to our incredible team for the time and care you gave to this project. Together, we make things shake for our clients, so we’re giving you your flowers! We appreciate your fantastic work and are grateful for your commitment, self-motivation, and talent that truly inspired us all.

Creative Direction:
Shar Biggers

Brand Strategy:
Shar Biggers

Verbal Identity:
Lauren Weiss

Jin K Kim
Dho Yee Chung
Shar Biggers


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