Equitable futures,
by design

Saleah is an ideation, strategy and design agency with an enterprising and people-driven approach. We believe great branding is a destination, but we help you on every step of the journey. Our dual approach fuses business acumen with exquisite design to form true partnerships that help grow our clients’ brands to the next level. As consummate entrepreneurs we are comfortable getting in the messy weeds with you, we wear our hearts on our sleeves, prioritizing relationships every step of the way.

Saleah’s mission-driven business model leverages the power of great design to build equity for visionaries and leaders who have historically had less access to creative services. We see branding as a barrier-breaker for these businesses—with sound strategy and excellent branding comes greater opportunity for funding, scaling, distribution, and more. When you partner with Saleah, you join our mission to close the wealth gap and create more equitable futures for generations to come.

Laying a prosperous foundation.

We have an eye for design and a mind for business. Before we develop any visuals or copy, we help you creatively problem-solve and evolve your brand to reach its full potential. Sound business strategy makes great design possible.

Ideation & Strategy

Let’s set you up for success by digging into what makes you exceptional.

Brand and product consultation, strategy workshops, brand naming and positioning, voice and tone

Cue the makeover montage.

After all the strategy sessions, we transform the hard-fought work we’ve done into a gorgeous visual identity that will turn heads and—more importantly—win over hearts and minds. 

Design System

Bringing beauty to your brand with a fresh new look.

Visual and verbal identity, packaging, brand communication

Time to introduce yourself.

You’ve got the aesthetics, now together we’ll decide how and where to use them so that the world can meet the new you. They’ll love your brand as much as we do.

Brand Application

Reaching consumers with no touchpoint left unturned.

Website and e-commerce, photo and video, retail design, social media

industries of specialization

We know what makes a good brand great when it comes to any industry, but these are our bread and butter.

Beauty & Hair
Skincare & Bodycare
Consumer Packaged Goods
Hospitality, Travel & Leisure

Boutique Resorts
Retreats & Wellness
Real Estate & Architecture
Food & Beverage
Professional Services

Don’t just take our word for it.

It’s not enough to just look and sound good. Our brand work breaks ceilings and moves needles. Allow our receipts to do the talking.